Blue Sky Management Group
An Executive Recruiting Firm

Our Differentiation

Blue Sky Management Group offer distinctive features of our services that save our clients' time, money and stress in the search process.

We access broad networks. We've developed extensive relationships with a myriad of qualified candidates and with people who know qualified candidates. We can tap into a large talent pool to find the best candidates.

We have a great track record. We've built a solid record of performance because we've placed candidates who over-achieve in their roles. All of our candidates are 100 percent reference-able.

We work quickly to fill searches. We complete searches on average in 45 business days (contract signing to offer acceptance). We present candidates within a few weeks of the search and provide quality and quickness throughout the process.

We have consistent communication. We are constantly in communication with candidate and client to keep all information clear and accessible. We have efficient and consistent follow up with both parties as well so no one is left out of the process.

We understand our markets and functions. We focus on a select group of client companies where we have developed industry experience and have a track record.

We don't over-commit. We work for only a few motivated clients at a time. Our focus enables us to execute quickly, stay on top of every detail and provide quality service through the entire search.

We don't give up. We have a 100 percent completion rate. We've never given up on a search unless the client has ceased the assignment.

We can access any candidate. We can speak with almost any candidate qualified for the role. Many larger firms are unable to source candidates or access them. We can go where other firms do not to find good candidates.

We guarantee the results. We provide a service guarantee. If a candidate does not work out within the contracted number of days of employment; we will conduct a replacement search at no cost until it's completed.

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